Promote peaceful, just and inclusive societies

Conflicts, new or longstanding, undermine sustainable development. As so eloquently summarized in the 2030 Agenda, “ there is no peace without development, there is no development without peace ”. Tackling violence; addressing the root causes of conflict, insecurity and injustice; and strengthening governance and institutions are essential steps to creating a more sustainable future. This is of critical importance at a time when large numbers of people feel that development has left them behind; express a lack trust in institutions; and are concerned about corruption, violence and instability.

Promote people’s well-being and support equitable representation of countries in global decision-making fora

Far too many people in our world are excluded from meaningful engagement and participation in economic, social and political life. The vulnerable are marginalized and exposed to significant inequalities affecting their wellbeing and livelihoods. Barriers to accessing adequate structures and services for health and sanitation and to quality education, training and lifelong learning opportunities compromise people’s productive capacity and, consequently, their ability to contribute to social and economic development. At a macro level, some groups of countries are also exposed to significant inequalities, including barriers to participation and representation in global institutions and decision-making processes.

Support the conservation, restoration and safeguarding of our planet for present and future generations

Safeguarding our planet requires efforts from all. Halting natural resource depletion, reducing the impacts of hazardous chemicals on human health and the environment, and combating the adverse impacts of climate change are all complex challenges requiring strengthened human and institutional
capacities. New legal frameworks, participatory mechanisms, and policies, institutions, strategies and practices are needed to implement the transformations required for the protection, restoration and sustainable use of natural resources.

Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth

Inclusive sustainable growth is critical for prosperity. People’s well-being is rooted in economic, social, and environmental security, where opportunities are present and the risks of poverty are reduced, so as to be better positioned to succeed and contribute to societal prosperity. Dynamic, sustainable, innovative and people-centred economies need to build on the productive capacity of their populations, including youth, women, the vulnerable and the marginalized as an asset to
sustainable development.

Promote the indivisible and integrated nature of the 2030 Agenda

Knowledge is the fuel that can power the transformations required for countries to achieve the 2030 Agenda. Cross-fertilizing knowledge is part UNITAR’s essence and this will be further strengthened to support the interlinked and holistic nature of the Agenda. We are also uniquely positioned to support countries in strengthening the means of implementation of the Agenda and particularly the capacities of countries to adopt and localize the Agenda and mainstream the Goals in national development planning and strategies, as well as to promote policy coherence.