UNITAR World Heritage Nomination
Training Series

UNITAR World Heritage Nominations Training Series

About the Series

UNITAR Hiroshima Office’s World Heritage Nomination Training Series builds upon more than 13 years’ experience training on the unique needs of World Heritage Sites. Launched in 2003, the series transitioned from a focus on management and conservation best practice, to examine the skills and knowledge required for developing more effective World Heritage nomination dossiers. Understanding the complex requirements of nomination dossiers can be difficult and costly. The upskilling of those responsible for the development of such documents is a very worthwhile investment, saving both time and money in the long term. 

In partnership with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies, the programme is uniquely well-placed in Hiroshima, which possesses two world heritage sites. The annual workshop, held over 5 days in Hiroshima, Japan, comprises a detailed examination of the World Heritage nomination process and requirements, utilising expert insight and experience, as well as exchanging know-how on best practices and case studies.

Writing Effective Nominations

Developing a comprehensive and effective nomination dossier is critical to the successful inscription of any site. Crucial to this is a deeper understanding of the World Heritage Convention and the UNESCO Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention, which, together with the Preparing World Heritage Nominations resource manual, are used as key references for the training. 

The UNITAR World Heritage Nomination Training Series achieves this understanding through interactive presentations and practical exercises examining a number of core topics, such as:

  • Principles and Objectives of the World Heritage Convention;
  • The Operational Guidelines;
  • The Concept of Outstanding Universal Value;
  • Comparative Analysis;
  • Justification for Inscription;
  • World Heritage Nomination and Evaluation Processes;
  • Tips on Writing and Preparing the Nomination Dossier; and
  • World Heritage Nominations: Format.

Past Training Events


18 - 22 April, Hiroshima

Theme: World Heritage Nominations - Justification for Inscription


20 - 24 April, Hiroshima

Theme: World Heritage Nominations - Protection and Management Requirements


14 - 18 April, Hiroshima

Theme: World Heritage Nominations - Justification For The Inscription of Cultural Landscapes


22 - 26 April, Hiroshima

Theme: World Heritage Serial Nominations and the Vital Role of Comparative Analysis


4 - 8 June: Hiroshima

Theme: Justification of Outstanding Universal Value in the Context of World Heritage Nominations


4 - 8 July: Hiroshima


  • UNESCO's Preparing World Heritage Nominations Manual; and

  • Comparative Analysis in the Nominations Process

UNITAR featured in IUCN Capacity Building publication
The UNITAR Series on the Management and Conservation of World Heritage Sites was featured in a recent publication of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN); see IUCN Newsletter. Focused upon World Heritage Capacity Building initiatives around the globe, the newsletter includes an outline of the UNITAR Series, as well as a summary of the 2011 Session. UNITAR acknowledges IUCN for their ongoing commitment to the Series.


18 - 23 April: Hiroshima
Theme: Conservation for Peace: Conservation Monitoring


19 - 24 April: Hiroshima
Theme: Conservation for Peace: World Heritage Impact Assessment


30 March - 4 April: Hiroshima
Theme: Conservation for Peace


15 - 20 April: Hiroshima
Theme: Management Over Time - Maintaining Values and Significance


12 - 17 March: Hiroshima
Theme: Tangible and Intangible Aspects


18 - 21 August: Mumbai (In-Country Workshop)
Theme: Heritage Management - A Values-based Approach


18 - 21 April: Hiroshima
Theme: Heritage Management - A Values-based Approach


8 - 12 March: Hiroshima
Theme: Management and Conservation of World Heritage Sites

UNITAR Photo/Nigel Gan; UN Photo/Fardin Waezi