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Master in United Nations and the Art of Peace

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The Master in United Nations and the Art of Peace offers an in-depth understanding of the key issues informing the field of conflict and peace studies, illustrated by the United Nations' involvement in peace operations. Built on the experiences and expertise of UNITAR, Kyung Hee University (KHU) and WFUNA, the Master explores different facets of the actions undertaken in the international field to promote, preserve and defend peace. The programme aims to use the UN both as a study subject as well as a source of expertise, allowing students to better assess and comprehend peace initiatives, by benefiting directly from the expert insights.

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The Master programme is designed for qualified graduate students, young researchers and working professionals who wish to be involved in the field of conflict prevention, peace-making, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, and therefore want to acquire required academic knowledge and hands-on experience, which is provided through guaranteed internships in various international organizations.

Main topics covered by the Master in UN and the Art of Peace include:

  • Context of peace and security activities – with an emphasis on the role of the UN involvement in the field of conflict prevention, peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding;
  • Theories and practices related to the different dimensions of peace and security activities;
  • Methods and tools needed for practitioners working in the fields of conflict prevention, peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding.

Key Features

  • Highly interactive and student-centred approach, innovative multicultural pedagogy and multidisciplinary study;
  • Access to a unique community of academics, professionals and researchers through special lecture series, international academic conferences and global collaborative programme;
  • Direct access to the United Nations expertise;
  • Critical and practical support from a team of academic experts and top-ranked practitioners as well as field experts on specific topics;
  • Blended approach combining face-to-face sessions with online teaching through an innovative virtual learning environment.


The programme is composed of an offline and online components. The offline component is provided by the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies (GIP) of the Kyung Hee University in South Korea. During their time of study, students are able to experience the two magnificent campuses in Gwangneung and Seoul. Students are accommodated on campus and enjoy access to the sport and leisure facilities that are on offer. The online component is provided by UNITAR.

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Gwangneung Campus

The GIP is located in Jinjobup, Namyangju City, Gyonggi Province, 24km northeast of Seoul. The area has beautiful natural scenery, and the Kwangnung arboretum and the tomb of the famous King Sejo are adjacent to the Institute. There are six buildings including the main building, a library, a dormitory, a meditation hall, a gymnasium and an apartment for professors. All of them are facilities for education and living.

Seoul Campus

For enhanced flexibility and efficiency, courses will be offered at Kyung Hee University's main campus in Seoul.

Curriculum and Course Requirements

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Students benefit from an experienced faculty of scholars and practitioners, peer-to-peer collaboration, and a curriculum that re­flects current theory and practice.


Module code      Module Title

  • UNAP-GIP           UN and International Organizations
  • UNAP-GIP           Contemporary International Relations
  • UNAP-GIP           Global Civil Society and Global Governance
  • UNAP-GIP           Peace Ideas
  • UNAP-GIP           Global Ethics & Justice
  • UNAP-GIP           Social Conflict, Inter-group Peace and Co-existence
  • UNAP-GIP           Global Development and governance
  • UNAP-GIP           Environmental & Sustainable Development
  • UNAP-GIP           Human Rights: Theory & Praxis
  • UNAP-GIP           Peace through Commerce
  • UNAP-GIP           The Future and Development Policy


Module code      Module Title

  • UNAP-GIP           Conflict resolution
  • UNAP-GIP           Introduction to peace operations
  • UNAP-GIP           Human security in post-conflict interventions
  • UNAP-GIP           Good governance and peacebuilding

The Master in the United Nations and the Art of Peace is a Master's Degree certified by Kyung Hee University in collaboration with UNITAR and WFUNA, awarded according to the rules and regulations set by the Korean education system. Giving its specificity, it does not give general access to Doctoral studies (Ph.D. and similar). Validation of credits for access to such programs can be requested from competent institutions.

In order to receive a Master's degree, students must obtain a minimum of 24 credits from the KHU and 4 online courses from UNITAR.   

Students who have obtained at least 18 credits are expected to take a comprehensive examination.

Students who have met all requirements for a Master's degree are granted a Master's degree of Peace Studies.


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Every student is required to complete one month or more internship in order to fulfill their graduation requirement at an institution of his/her choice with the approval of the school administration. The student should report the progress and the result of the internship to the administration.

Students enrolled at the United Nations and the Art of Peace programme will have the opportunity to participate in the following internship openings.

UNITAR guarantees a total number of 12 internships per year in the following locations:

  • New York: 4 positions
  • Geneva: 4 positions
  • Other locations: 4 positions.

WFUNA guarantees a total number of 4 internships per year in the following locations:

  • New York: 1 position
  • Geneva: 1 position
  • Seoul: 2 positions

Internships are unpaid. UNITAR and WFUNA will cover local transportation costs in the form of a one-time contribution of 100 USD/month for the selected candidates.       


The duration of the Master’s programme is 2 years.

Application Information

To apply, students must have a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in a related field or be in their final year of studies. For more, information, please click here.

Application Deadlines

To be considered for the Fall term: 15 July

To be considered for the Spring term: 15 January

Applications received after the final deadline are evaluated case by case on a rolling basis.

Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

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Estimated Cost for One Semester Tuition 6,500,000 KRW

Entrance Fee (only for the 1st semester) 980,000 KRW

Financial Assistance

The KHU provides various academic scholarships based on needs and competition such as Internship Subvention and Assistant Stipend. For more information, please refer to the programme website.

Apply Here

To apply, click here and follow the instructions.

Learn more about the programme here or download the programme brochure.


Should you need any guidance or additional information, please contact us at: aop@unitar.org.