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Our Approach

At the UNITAR Division for Peace, we aim to design the most suitable learning experiences to transform mindsets for a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Our approach focuses on the learning needs, interests and styles of participants to ensure the relevance and retention of content and puts a particular emphasis on the active participation of learners through practice-oriented learning environments.

Participants share knowledge and experience and contribute dynamically to the learning process. By doing so, participants not only acquire skills but also contribute to the construction of knowledge in a way that is meaningful and directly applicable to their reality. Instructors guide participants through this process, delivering and conveying information, clarifying doubts and supporting participants through different learning exercises. 

Key Features

  • Long-term change: We believe in the power of training as an enabler of long-term individual and community change. Our services are designed to generate a lasting impact.
  • Wide reach with low investment: We work closely with our partners to build capacities for impactful societal results through the successful design and delivery of trainings.
  • Multiplier effect: We empower people and institutions to act as multipliers in their local communities and thus create a sustainable impact.
  • Tailored solutions: The content, methodology and structure are completely tailored to the specific learning needs of participants and institutions.
  • Worldwide impact: Our training activities are delivered all over the world face-to-face as well as online and blended via the UNITAR’s platform.
  • Gender: We follow a gender-curious approach. We explore the impact of gender roles and norms to work towards more gender-equal societies.

Our Training is:

  • human-centered
  • experiential
  • participatory
  • sustainable
  • results-based
  • experimental

At the core of our capacity-building activities lies a 3-Step Approach focused on training, coaching and mentoring. The approach is designed to allow for a progressive transfer of knowledge and skills to training institutions and its personnel, in the view of ensuring local ownership and long-term sustainability. This approach also incorporates a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system, developed to ensure accountability vis-à-vis beneficiaries and donors.

Our 3-Step Approach

  • Training phase aims to provide prospective trainers with the knowledge and skills to implement an adult training programme on a given topic.
  • Coaching phase aims to further strengthen the knowledge and skills transferred during the first phase and to offer prospective trainers an opportunity to practice them.
  • Mentoring phase aims to support the participants in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of training courses on a given topic autonomously, within the premises of the partner institution.