UNITAR Trains Students of MGIMO-UNITAR Joint Master Programme

MGIMO-UNITAR 20, 23, 24, and 27 November 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation – As part of the MGIMO-UNITAR Joint Master Programme in Humanitarian Cooperation and External Relations of Regions, UNITAR’s Division for Multilateral Diplomacy implemented a 4-day master module on Negotiation Skills & Techniques for Bilateral and Multilateral Relations and Public Speaking.

The first part of the module comprised taught sessions on negotiation myths, barriers, models, and techniques. On the second part of the module, the UNITAR expert performed classes on topics including communication skills, non-verbal communication, and handling difficult situation. In both parts, a particular focus was given to the courses’ interactivity, that is why several exercises were implemented

The activity has proved successful as MGIMO-University students reported having met the learning objectives. The post-module self-evaluation indicates that all of the participants have made substantial progress in both areas of negotiating and public speaking. As a result of the activity, the 15 students involved have gained a new perspective on negotiation. They are also better able to identify the tensions, differences and conflicts in international contexts and elaborate strategies to achieve better outcomes while dealing with bilateral and multilateral negotiations. In addition, their public speaking knowledge and skills have greatly increased. MGIMO-University students reported that they are better equipped with techniques to communicate clearly, articulate, and speak publicly in an impactful manner.

A key aspect of the training on public speaking was the ability to identify personal strengths and weaknesses as presenters. Most of the participants have achieved this learning objective. Moreover, through various simulation exercises, they realized the importance of preparation in negotiation simulation. They were particularly happy to learn how to structure their thoughts both in negotiation situation and public speaking situation.

Overall, participants reported a high level of satisfaction regarding their experience with UNITAR, which constitutes a considerable success for the first edition of this master module. UNITAR looks forward to the upcoming modules that will be implemented at MGIMO-University as part of the Joint Master Programme and hopes that they will be equally successful.

Photo: Students from MGIMO-University preparing for a negotiation simulation exercise.