Working at UNITAR

As an autonomous institute within the UN Common System, UNITAR has independent authority in performing the human resources function. The staff of the Institute is appointed by the Executive Director. UNITAR staff members are members of the United Nations but they are not members of the United Nations Secretariat. Their appointments are limited to service with UNITAR. The UN Staff Rules and Regulations apply to UNITAR staff and they are implemented through internal circulars. The Administrative Instructions and Bulletins applying to the Secretariat do not apply to UNITAR unless decided by the UNITAR Management.

Recruitment is done internally. Posts are advertised on the UNITAR website for 30 days. The selection process takes approximately three months from the date when the post is advertised and consists of: screening of applications against the criteria applying to the job, establishment of a short-list of candidates, interviews, review by the UNITAR Appointment and Promotion Board, appointment by the Executive Director.

The main categories of personnel at UNITAR are as follows:

  1. Regular staff members – UN Staff Rules and Regulations
  2. Remunerated fellows
  3. Non-remunerated fellows
  4. Individual contractors
  5. Consultants
  6. Interns, Trainees
  7. Collaborators

Vacancy Announcements

Please be informed that only complete applications (CV / P.11 form and motivation letter) will be considered. Please specify the Title and Programme / Office of the vacancy you are applying for. No further notification will be sent in case of missing documentation.

For more information and download forms, please read our Vacancy Announcements page.

JPO Programme

The Junior Professional Officer programme or Associate Expert Programme is a multilateral technical cooperation initiative intended for young people, interested in acquiring experience in the development field, sponsored by their respective governments. At the same time, the programme assists the international organizations in their technical cooperation activities by providing JPO services in development initiatives.

For more information, please read our JPO Programme page.

Internship and Traineeship Programme

The purpose of the Programmes is to offer successful candidates an opportunity to improve their skills, to acquire practical knowledge as well as the experience of working in an international environment.

For more information and download forms, please read our Internship/Traineeship Programmes page.