Workshop on Diplomatic Protocol & Etiquette

Workshop on Diplomatic Protocol & Etiquette17-18 January 2019, Geneva, Switzerland - The two-day workshop, which was part of the Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice, was an opportunity for government officials, diplomats and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of Diplomatic Protocol & Etiquette in a multilateral environment.

The training was delivered by former Ambassador of Switzerland, H.E. Mr. Bertrand Louis. On the first day of the workshop, Ambassador Louis briefed the participants on the origins and historical context of diplomatic protocol, as well as meanings, sources, and basic principles of protocol and etiquette. Moreover, with forty-years of diplomatic experience, Ambassador Bertrand Louis also acted as Deputy Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, while acting as head of the host country division at the Permanent Mission of Switzerland. During the morning session, the Ambassador focused on the privileges and immunities act, different forms of multilateralism.

Having been Deputy Chief of Protocol of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in Berne, the trainer was highly qualified in explaining UN Protocol and liaison services and Swiss and Geneva Protocol as well. This gave participants a first-hand insight to learn about the protocol guidelines for the organization of official receptions and explored the importance of etiquette and good manners, giving examples of good global behaviour (courtesy in public space, rank and precedence, greeting and introductions, policy of gifts, among others). To make the workshop more engaging, Ambassador Louis requested participants to prepare some protocol scenarios that they may have encountered in their jobs, to be discussed and dealt with during the workshop.

To further encourage active participation, Mr. David Chikvaidze, Chef de Cabinet of the UNOG Director General, shared protocol practises and experiences at the UN and UNOG. Moreover, Mr. Jean-Luc Chopard, Chief of Protocol of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, shared practical experiences on protocol in the Canton.

By the end of the workshop, the participants were able to identify the unwritten practices of etiquette, good manners and behaviours of individuals whether on official or private business and to learn how to respond in an appropriate and proactive manner to arising protocol and etiquette-related questions and challenges. The participants were satisfied with their experience, as 91% of them felt that they met the course objectives and 88% of them agreeing that their awareness about the subject has increased. Benefits from the briefing were confirmed by post-training self-evaluations.

Photo: Participants of the workshop