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CIFAL Atlanta- Internship Program (Series)

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CIFAL Atlanta- Internship Program (Series)

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Fellowship Programme
Basado en web
1 Ene 2020 a 31 May 2020
Duración del evento:
5 Meses
Área del programa:
Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Número del Centro de Coordinación del evento:
Kennesaw State University
Otros detalles del evento:

KSU students have a unique opportunity to work with CIFAL Atlanta through a number of special opportunities. Students can choose: 

  • International Internships at one of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research centers across the globe (see map). 
  • Local Internships at our Kennesaw office 
  • The Distinguished UN-SDG Ambassadors Program 

While working together, the CIFAL centers address a wide range of issues, including: 

  • Sustainable development and poverty eradication 
  • Decentralized cooperation 
  • Environmental sustainability 
  • Urbanization 
  • Gender equality 
  • Health security 
  • Public-private partnerships 

CIFAL Atlanta interns assist in our efforts to implement programs that provide access to knowledge, experience, resources, and best practices in the areas of social and economic development and environmental sustainability. Participants of the CIFAL’s internship program will acquire a better understanding of the major problems confronting the world and gain knowledge in regard to how CIFAL Atlanta is developing solutions to tackle these issues. Students will have the opportunity to learn and enhance their skills in a variety of areas related to multi-stakeholder collaboration and the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

At the end of the internship, interns would have   

  • Provided Programming/Event support for all quarterly training/events 
  • Provided Support with organizational logistics and maintain/improve office efficiency 
  • Developed and published creative content for social media accounts 
  • Written UNITAR articles website content  
  • Researched topics and information related to 17 Sustainable Development Goals to use for the content or program development 
  • created infographics and other graphic representations for CIFAL Atlanta to use during promotional events and training 
  • Assisted in preparing Monitor & Evaluation reports, best practices, and follow-up documents about previous conferences, training, and programs 
  • Attended virtual program-related meetings and participate in CIFAL Global Network student interviews for upcoming semesters 
  • Promoted the CIFAL Atlanta organization and bring awareness to the importance of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 at campus/community events 
  • Supported CIFAL Atlanta in other daily tasks and administrative duties 

As the Internship aims to develop participants' knowledge of United Nations Sustainable development goals emphasis will be placed on developing professional skills through different projects and tasks. 

Interns will participate in weekly meetings and provide weekly self-evaluation reports and timesheets. 

The CIFAL Atlanta Internship Program target students that are interested in joining the CIFAL Atlanta team to help implement programs that provide access to knowledge, experience, resources, and best practices in the areas of social and economic development and environmental sustainability. 

This series is comprised of three events