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Innovation and Responsible Leadership: Strategic Imperatives

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Innovation and Responsible Leadership: Strategic Imperatives

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13 11月 2020
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
Institute of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange, Institute for Responsible Leadership

Today, in the world of COVID-19, many organisations have talked up their Social Purpose and Values, highlighting their care for their employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. 

However, research suggests that people only truly believe that their organisation has a purpose and clear values when they see their leadership make a decision that sacrifices short-term profitability for the sake of adhering to those values.

Anticipating change makes organisations more agile and faster to respond to, or capitalise on, unforeseen events. However, this requires effective business intelligence and analytics, driven by responsible leaders who understand the positive impact from the use of such data.

Innovation Leadership is about activating key critical behaviours and expressing the appetite for risk (the acceptable risk tolerance). In a crisis, responsible leadership is about taking personal ownership, even though many challenges and factors lie outside ones control. Innovation remains an active ingredient for managing uncertainty through sprint experimentation, to identify new ways of thinking, establish new strategic imperatives that reflect and reconcile shifts in customer needs and behaviours, assures ecosystem integrity and instils organisational resilience and sustainability.

This virtual roundtable aims to bring together international experts to discuss lessons learned about responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and building back better. 


This session will address the following:

- The inextricable link between Innovation and Leadership
- Understanding your organisational purpose and identity
- How to manage with clarity to manage ambiguity
- Scenario plan a post COVID-19 future
- The basics for creating an adaptive capability
- The behaviours of "Innovation and Responsible Leadership”

The virtual roundtable consists of a 1.5 hour panel dicussion covering the following topics:  

  1. Responsible Leadership in general
  2. Responsible Leadership in a crisis
  3. Innovation and Responsible Leadership

Participation is open to government officials, diplomats, staff of international organizations, development practitioners, faculty members, and administrators of educational institutions.